9.3 - Onyx

Version Onyx brings the new tree component, new implementation of provisioning merge, support for password transformation, synchronization of protection mode and many of small improvements and fixies (all important changes are in the changelog).

The previous tree component did not suit us from functional and UX. That's why we've developed our own new tree component in this release.


For identify what values are controlled by the IdM, we get it based on the settings of the roles mapping the system and overloaded this attribute (this 'calculation of the definition' approach is used since version 9.3.0. The previous approach, where the values ​​from the provisioning archive were used no longer used).

More about this feature you can find here.

Controlled values

Provisioning password now supports transformation. This means that it is now possible to use the transformation into the system (advantageous if you need to create your own hash …). In addition, the password can be transformed and sent to multiple system attributes.

More about this feature you can find here.

Detail of mapping

  • #1351 - Tree structure - develop new frontend component for tree nodes
  • #1323 - Provisioning - reimplementation of MERGE strategy
  • #1285 - Available transformation for password
  • #1219 - Approval process for change of idm-role
  • #1370 - Role - add 'environment' attribute
  • #1348 - Add selectBox and task history components for userTask in WF
  • #1225 - Synchronization of protection mode
  • #168 - Component Tree - implement pagination
  • #1361 - Possibility to send notification with attachment
  • #1345 - Support for validation skipping on userTask for decision
  • #1253 - IdentityRoleSelfEvaluator - permission for identity role
  • #1305 - Create filter builder by email
  • #1380 - Schema generation - show more nice error message
  • #1371 - Add dedicated SSL truststore to the IdM deployment instructions
  • #1290 - Separate processing of items in tasks
  • #1215 - Exception in transformation script stops personal processes
  • #1364 - ProvisioningOperationReportExecutor doesn't check multivalued attributes
  • #1310 - Live reload doesn't work
  • #1349 - Bug generator generates invalid username
  • #1355 - Code of role cannot be mapped in synchronization
  • #1354 - Password change works for account in protection
  • #1346 - Virtual systems - boolean value false is not show in email notification