8.0 - Hematite

CzechIdM 8.0.0 brings new feature - asynchronous event processing. From this version on the account management is (and recalculating of the automatic role assignment) executed fully asynchronously.

New event type NOTIFY was added, all previous events (CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE, EAV_SAVE etc.) are still synchronous.

More about events processing you can find here.

Automatically assigned roles have a significant safety impact. When creating, editing, or deleting, it is necessary that the process is approved. For this purpose, an agenda for requests for change of automatic roles has been created.

This request gets the approval process from the criticality defined for that role. Critical role determines what process the application must accomplish to implement it.

More about automatic roles assignment approval process you can find here.

We support localization of workflow process. The main principle is, the process definition (XML) does not contain translations. Translations contain frontend part of our application in the standard localization files. Workflow definition only contains information on how to construct the localization key and variables needs for translation.

More about workflow localization support you can find here.

  • #468 - Account management is synchronous with Role add operation
  • #938 - Approving for automatic roles by attribute
  • #952 - Localization in workflow processes
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  • #1020 - Frontend - install development environment on Windows
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  • #1025 - Increase the width of the column "Position" in "Contracted positions" table